Get Lost With​.​.​.

by Origami Sun

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cover art by Matthew O'Neill (with Andhi O'Neill & April Browne)
mastered by Atomic Mastering
all songs written, recorded & produced by Andhi O'Neill


released August 20, 2012

Andhi O'Neill - guitar, vocals, various other instruments
April Browne - field recordings, percussion
Ahmed Eldawaity - guitar




Origami Sun New York

Andhi O'Neill & friends make music.


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Track Name: Chinaski
He slings a sign post
over his shoulder
and says, "Let the
townsfolk find
their own damned way."
And I said,
"What about the tourists,
are they left blind
leading blind?"
His response
I'll carry with me all my days.
"All we ever do is fight,
some folks will wander left,
while all the rest
turn right.
Might as well spend your time
here lost.
At least that's something
you can
So, we laid out on the hood
wishing for a smoke
and we wondered
what the stars looked like
out there in Mexico,
and we talked some about
and living on the road.
Straight out of some Kerouac
and tacked upon some door.
With an old box of strings
that we found in a dumpster
we sang folk songs
of outlaws
& gunshots
& lovers
& raised all our questions
'til everything I knew was dead.
He said, "roll me,
oh roll me 'til I say it's over.
I found myself this morning
sickened & sober
& cramped up in this soapbox
that i carved myself
before I found my head."
So we started back for home
& left our dreams someplace
'Cause I'm working now 'til Sunday
on the assembly line.
We all feel something filthy
when we look back on our lives,
that's why our stories remain stories
and we're all compelled to lie.
I'm going to pound this drum
until it's empty.
'Cause we'll all feel good when this keg
is dry.
We'll put our hang-ups to a rhythm
and smoke this 'til it's kicked
for there's nothing short of tragedy
that's going to make this feeling stick.
And tonight,
we drink to Dover
'til we can't bring ourselves
to leave it
because this town has seen
better days.
Track Name: In Celebration of the Night
I'm going to sell you
to the neighbors.
They sure could use
someone like you.
I know in the summer
you get sunburnt,
but you could be
handy with a broom.
'Cause it's something to be seen
how you sweep me off my feet,
though I know you don't believe
in me.
I don't need you to suffer,
I don't need you to offer,
I just need you to be
close to me
where I'm going.
Faster now,
we start running
on and on
through the morning
on and on
through the morning.
I'm going to wait outside
all night long.
And let the rain
wash over me.
And sing to a faith
I can't believe in
that nothing is right
except the rain.
And in celebration of
the night we have become
the laughing, choking,
spinning heart
of love.
Track Name: Windsocks & Weathervanes
Heading on back
to the east coast
where they'll be launching
off rockets
from their motorboats.
And we'll sit and stare,
watch and wait
for hours.
And life goes on,
or so they say,
well I'll be waiting right here
for a brand new day.
Alive and wondering
what I'll do
'til you come home.
And I've found the wind won't carry
like it should.
Heading out west
to the plains
where they'll be cutting off slack
with their razor blades
because they've found out something
they're not used to knowing.
And there we'll buy new names
and split the cost,
we both know it won't matter
as long as it's just us,
we'll just keep on driving
'til our eyes can't take the weight
of themselves.
If you can't carry your own weight,
you know I will.
Track Name: Study Nothing
He gives hugs
and smiles to his countrymen
as they board his sinking skiff
and he does it all so carefully
that their feet never get wet
and his tongue is tight
with all of them
and knows all the words they like
and he always checks the temperature
before he goes outside.
He's a strange, strange bird.
And his mistress
kisses cabinetry,
and she keeps a tidy home.
And she spends her time so comfortably,
waiting by the the phone.
but he always listened carelessly
to the mournful tune she hummed.
and now he keeps her company
in a suitcase in her trunk.
It's a strange, strange world.
Track Name: What a Situation
f I was a carpenter,
would you help me build
my walls?
fetch us both
some cigarettes?
help me clean my overalls?
And if I was a painter
all hung up with painting blues,
would you lend me then
your smile
and help me choose
another hue?
Well, what a situation
with me loving you
and everything that you see
in front of you.
If I was a piano
would you buy me and
put me in your house
where you could
play me for your friends?
And if I was a criminal
all locked up in solitude,
would you write out to the
government to bring me
back to you?
Track Name: Please
I always seem to get lost
inside the size
of the scheme of things.
It makes it harder to see
just what it is
that you see in me.
I get excited,
it's so exciting
but the sun brings
such cynical sounds.
It makes me want to get lost
inside a cloud
and then never found.
And old conclusions always find
it's such a waste of time,
I always waste my time,
I'm just a waste of time.
I start to think they're right
oh, please.
Some people pose
in silk robes,
some people gargle
their cyanide.
Some people drop to their knees,
bow and pray that they'd never die.
I should try it,
a steady diet,
all this faithlessness
weighing me
It makes me feel
like a fraud,
an empty thought
when you're not around.
And I can't even tell the time
what is wrong or right,
I haven't got the right
I'm tied in knots inside
and lost the will to try,
oh please.
So, weave your fingers
through my spine
and push and pull them
how you like
and leave me hanging
on the line
drying black
and blue and
Just cut me down to size
and feast upon my eyes
you know I'd rather die
than spend the rest of my life
begging please.
Track Name: Carolina
I drove all day
down route 52
to our house
out in Awendaw.
The paint has held up
but the pipes in the walls
were all rusted
and rotting out.
Oh carolina,
our borders are sewn,
we're united
in name only.
Picture the campfire
where I took the low part
and you took the high one
and we sang 'til the embers
went cold in the morning.
There was nothing but love then.
But oh carolina,
we've been singing this song for so long
it has lost meaning.
And our wedding doves were
eaten by vultures.
Picked wing from wing
and drunk off the blood.
And when was the last time
you laughed at my jokes
or did I crack a smile?
It's not about humor,
but I always laugh hardest
when you're not around me
and oh Carolina,
I'm taking the car
and my heart
and our mail
and I'm keeping it all
but the silence we've shared
and it's not I don't care,
it's I'm scared
that I'm not sorry.
Track Name: Laughter & Happiness
(sound collage)
Track Name: the Nomad
I am the nomad
king of nothingness
& wandering my throne,
thrown out & skipping like a stone.
I have no home
but in between
my empty thoughts and restless dreams,
sewn up but tearing at the seams.
I'm thumbing thirsty,
worse than vermin,
knowing nothing but to waste.
I bite my tongue just for the taste.
dear mommy, daddy,
i confess,
your house is nothing but a mess,
of which i'd really love to stay.
but I know
I have no home.
Heart pumping raindrop,
dripping love
& pouring outside of my mouth
to bring you something you don't need.
Collect the snowfall,
cold and lifeless
gliding, dying like the rest
love hurts the worst when second guessed.
Please know I miss you,
Mrs. Loveliness,
you're sprouting like a bean,
of which your sprout I'd love to stalk.
Let's build a bivouac
along with sticks and stones
beneath the pines,
I'll dream about it all the time.
but I know
I have no home.
Track Name: Seabird
You wouldn't look me in the eye
when you said, "i don't believe in suicide."
bright lights & sunny summer days
but when that sun comes out to shine
you pull the shade
& you shield your eyes
that innocence crawled up in you
& died
& you bathe in shame
as your heart
& all your hair
just turns to grey.
The seabird sings
"aloha, hello"
"aloha, hell."
So get out,
get gone,
get lost,
you dumb bastard.
You know that truth
is just a matter of time,
and time is indifferent
the clock keeps ticking away.
And face up, your days
of waste
are long gone now
lost to the drink
and the drugs
and the door
you're shut in
& strung out
& pissed on
& lost to shame
and you've clipped
your wings
your words are lost
to all the songs
you sing
so you sell your soul
twice here every night,
it's getting old.