The Most Fun I've Had Without Laughing

by Origami Sun

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    releases August 5, 2017

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Broken String
Be a Man
Sell Your Daughters
T Shirt
Reading Books
Pet Sounds
Morning Wood
the Surprise Party
You're Going to Love Me Someday


This album was recorded on a 4-track Tascam Portastudio cassette machine in Ryan's living room in Port Chester, NY & Andhi's bedroom in Brooklyn, NY between August 2016 & March 2017.


releases August 5, 2017

Andhi O'Neill - vocals, guitar, kazoo
Ryan Rizzo - bass, vocals
Matt Degroat - drums, vocals




Origami Sun New York

Andhi O'Neill & friends make music.


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Track Name: Tree
A tree falls down
in clouds of mud & dust
& no-one's around.
Does it make a sound?
Sure it's heavy, sure it's lumber,
sure it's bark & it's wood,
but is it any good
if no one hears it?
Is it humbled in obscurity
to take no water?
Does it lay right down
without making a sound?

But maybe, come on...

Another gig to sew
these solar seeds
but nobody showed.
Sometimes it grows depressing.
The flag I fly
says, "DIY or die"
but I'm too tired to try.
Somebody hold my head up.
Nameless faces
how they turn their heads in unison.
Such plain indifference.
Should I lay right down
without making a sound?

But maybe, come on...

In time, the botonists
will come to count the rings
around my trunk.
I can almost hear them saying,
"The dream was dumb,
they were all just in it
for the money & drugs.
Too bad no one was paying."
I hear nothing,
not a chord that rings
or drum that pounds.
Just dusty records
that spin 'round & 'round
without making a sound.

But maybe, come on...
Track Name: Twenty Seven
There are just so many things
I thought that I
would be better at
by now.
Like parking my car in a parallel space.
Like cooking a meal that is not scrambled eggs.
Like tying my tie or
like asking for help.
Like speaking my mind or
standing up for myself.

There are just so many things
I thought that I
would be better at
by now.
Do you rent or do you own?
Are you wearing a ring?
Aren’t you getting too old for this whole music thing?
Do you think you’ll have kids?
Will you start a career?
Do you live for yourself
or do you just live
in fear?

I swallow my pride
but I choke on my rage
& I pull up someone’s
Wikipedia page
just to see where they were at
when they were my age.
It either makes me feel good
or like it’s already
too late.
Track Name: Haunt
Wait a little while
to mop up my laughter
in pools
& wade into my wound.
So happy & dancing
we duel.
So hungry, my body
it drools.

& kill a little time
hovering there
in your mind.
Liberating lies
on childhood & malice
we dine
but your flowers were worn
before I.

& day after day
I will haunt you,
I will haunt you
all day.