More Songs About Insects & Fruit

by Origami Sun

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Recorded from December 2013 to April 2014 in a bedroom in Port Chester, NY.

All songs published by Origami Sun (ASCAP)


released May 16, 2014

Andhi O'Neill - Songs, vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, Casio MT-68, electric bass, various percussion instruments (bass drum, Farmer Foot Pedal, tambourine, seed rattle, maracas, snare drum, wood block, sand paper, rain stick), harmonica, Casio SK-1, melodica, trombone, kazoo, ukulele, autoharp, & Monotron.

Matthew Pop - Vocals on "Nectarine", "Prettier", & "Mangoes". Electric bass on "Nectarine", "Prettier", & "Hear Me Sleep". Drums on "Prettier", "Hear Me Sleep", & "the Anthropologist". Production advice throughout recording process.

Ryan Rizzo - Upright bass on "Song for a Sunday Morning", "You Don't Know What You Are", "Butterfly Blues", & "the Anthropologist".

April Browne - Handclaps on "Prettier".




Origami Sun New York

Andhi O'Neill & friends make music.


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Track Name: Pineapple
Anna packs her things upon the lawn.
She has traded all the grass that we had grown
for clear blue ocean waves crashing, spitting foam.

She sends me parcel post from time to time,
parting gifts of things she thinks I like.
But when I tried her pineapple, I cried.

Someday soon I'll buy that ticket down
and gather all the things she cares about
and float them on the ocean, sailing out.

She'll say,
"There's a knock now on my door step
call the doctor, call the paddy wagon!!"
"What's the number?"
"I don't know, but if you never answer
what's there to worry about?"
Track Name: Song for a Sunday Morning
When I woke up this morning,
I was feeling pretty weird
I asked the sun down for some coffee,
shook some sugar from my beard
but then he told me that he loved me
and that he wanted me to stay right by his side.
I stepped back until my heels clacked
on the door that leads outside,
and said, "I like you plenty, Sun,
but they would call that suicide."
He said, "I'm always fooled by love
and all these things in life that I don't understand.

When I come around your town,
I wish I'd never come.
When I come around your town,
I wish I'd just stayed home."

When I asked him not to go,
he couldn't look me in the eye.
Before he hid behind his cloud,
I saw a tear drop from his eye.
And then he started with the thunder,
and the hailing, and the surging, and the rain.
Now the streets are getting flooded
and I don't know what to say,
But if everybody had an ocean
across the whole wide USA,
I think they'd ride along on rooftops
screaming "Moses!" screaming "Jesus!" as they pass.

But when they come around your town,
you'll wish they'd never come
And when they come around your town
you'd wish they'd just move on.

30 days and 30 nights passed
and I stared up at the stars.
I wrote the Sun a little note
with all the warmth that's in my heart.
I said, "you're far too much above me
and when you told me that you loved me, I was scared."
And then the Sun burst from his slumber
and he slapped me on the back
now when we think about the old times
we can both look back and laugh.
But sometimes in the morning,
pouring coffee, I see storm clouds in the sky.

When they come around your town
you'll wish they'd never come
When they come around your town
you'll wish they'd just move on.
Track Name: Nectarine
She lives in a nectarine
floating in circles around the sea.
But all these buzzing bees
come for a smell so sweet,
and they're caught in spray
and soak and drown.
My nectarine,
sweet nectarine.

We sleep in a fancy car
top open, staring at the stars.
I look to one and see
he's waving back at me.
I hit the lights and turn the key.
My nectarine,
sweet nectarine

I keep my eyes on butterflies
and seal them tight inside a jar.
Such tender, pretty things,
more when I clip their wings.
And they crawl, but never get too far.
Stay close to me,
Track Name: Prettier
I heard you've been going out,
I heard that there's someone else,
and when I called you up,
I heard that your number's changed.
I heard that she's beautiful,
she plays the accordion,
I heard that she's passionate,
but that she's only a hobbyist.
But am I prettier?

I saw you on the bus,
I saw you sit next to her.
I saw where we sat last time,
I hoped that you'd mention me.
I saw in the window that
her hair looks a lot like mine.
It parts in the middle but
it's got the curl you like.
But am I prettier?

I always thought you'd miss me.
Track Name: You Don't Know What You Are
You're a liar if you say that you're broken.
Most things you say, I've found,
are only for their sound.
And you're so sentimental,
It's hard to hold a candle
to secret dreams of water births
and "his" and "her's" cabana shirts.
But now it seems you've gone and you've lost it,
all this "poor me" bullshit,
it leaves me feeling nauseous
and shakes up my stomach.
Not that I'm above it,
but every time you start to talk,
I watch the clock just wishing you'd stop.
You don't know what you are.

So I've been sleeping in a crease in the side wall,
hoping the winds might shift
and bring this all to rubble.
And just for a minute
I could start forgetting
how something that ends up this way
could ever be forgiven.
You said, "freedom's a disease of the broken heart"
so I've chained wild dogs to either end
and watch as they start
writhing and shaking,
and as it beats, I drop the leash.
They bare their teeth to tear it apart.
You don't know know what you are.

And I'll get down on my knees
and pray for rain
to slide me down
your window pane again
just to see you in the suffering
your hollow hopes are sure to
be bringing along.
You don't know what you are.

And I'll stand there with my back against the wall,
laughing at my firing squad.
I'll say, "shoot those guns, boys,
then you'll see the killers you've
grown up to be all along."
You don't know what you are.
Track Name: the Honeymoon Sweet
I picked you straight off of the tree.
If you were Adam, I was Eve.
Your flesh so tender and so sweet.
I love you more than love can be.

I feel I've woken from a dream.
Shook from my bed of fallen leaves.
Unhinge my eyes so I can see
bright colors brown so beautifully.

I often have nothing to say,
my thoughts drip all over my face.
But they never do with you,
they never do with you.
Track Name: Butterfly Blues
Someday you'll spot
a little space in the air
and spin your silk
along the curl of your hair.
Thin webs of cotton
coat and canvas your shoes.
Just sit there waiting
with nothing for you to do
but bloom.

And soon thereafter
light will enter your lungs.
Breathe in and out
with every flap of your arms.
Above the city,
find a beautiful breeze.
Above the ocean,
find there's nothing to see but sea.
What can you do?
Track Name: Mangoes
I like the taste
but can't tell the raw from ripe.
The best way to check
is to put your nose to the rind.
And I've spent a long time waiting,
such a long time waiting.

On East 53rd Street
there is a laundromat.
And there's an assistant
to every diplomat.
And they spend a long time waiting there,
such a long time waiting.
That's the way it goes.

You said, "the darkest
comes just before the dawn."
I hear that bullshit line now
from everyone.
And I've spent a long time waiting,
such a long time waiting.
That's the way it goes.
Track Name: the Little Death
Last night, I dreamt I fell asleep on the phone
and every time it rang, my head sprung a hole.
I lay there leaking as you walked through the door,
and said you fell in love with me.

I woke up sweating through my sheets and then I
turned on the faucet, ran some water on my
mirrored reflection, looked myself in the eye,
and asked who'd fall in love with me?

What will it cost me
for you to want me?
I'll wear a suit and a tie.
I'll even button
the highest button,
cook all the foods that you like.
fried, baked, or boiled.

I spend my days down at the grocery store,
packing the peanuts and the portuguese rolls.
will working for money always be such a bore
even if you fall in love with me?

And every night out on the street where i live
I draw my pictures on the advertisements
with little captions underneath where we kiss
that say you fell in love with me

But all these people
they just want all these pieces of me,
I don't know what I can give.
By the time they're done
they leave me with nothing,
I don't know where I end or begin.
Time murders all.

It takes a piece inside,
a little more each time
I hear your name.
Track Name: Hear Me Sleep
I was born on the foot of the bed,
the doctors thought I was dead,
they turned me upside down
and stuck a syringe straight into my head,
a little worse for the wear.

They said, "this boy's got a vicious disease,
he's gonna sing in his sleep,
plaguing his waking seconds,
shuffling his vocabulary."
co-co-co-co vab-you-ry.

So I grew, but I knew
I'd always be subject to
hum a tune when I dream,
sing the blues when I snooze.
So if you hear me sleep
don't you listen to me.
After all,
it's just a dream that you're hearing.

When I turn in,
just tune me out.

When I wake up, the feeling has past,
each morning more than the last,
every dreamer seems more seasoned
in separating waking hours.
I just mum-mumble my name.

The words sit right on the tip of my tongue,
but just keep coming out wrong.
Every sentence bends resembling
something less than a song.
I just keep coughing up words.

But at night, in my bed,
I drift off, sing in French:
"Brother John, do you sleep?
Avec quoi? Oh, oui oui!"
He looks back, says to me:
"Brother, you sing so sweet!
Why don't we ever sing here together?"

But when I turn in,
he tunes me out.

When I turn in,
just tune me out.
Track Name: Come With Me
The words of punk rock poets on your wall
say, "Count how many miles left to fall."
So, you passed those burning branches in you car
and strummed out Santeria note for note on your guitar.
You sang, "Don't you want to come away with me?"

But sometimes, love comes on you as a drug,
and while there's nothing there for you to love,
it hits you more than anything as much
and warms the lonely corners in your heart you never touched.
It sings, "Don't you want to run away with me?"
Some things are easier than others to see.

Some things are easier than others to see,
so won't you just come run away with me?
I saw you by an overpass in June.
Your teeth were cracked, your face was pale & blue.
But what's a stranger now supposed to do
but tuck his fucking head into the sand and bid adieu.
Or sing, "Won't you just come run away with me?"
Some things are easier than others to see.
Track Name: the Anthropologist
So I got home, turned on the TV
and some people with their teeth bleached
were screaming at me, "Give us pictures of trees!
Crop and digitally reassemble the leaves!
Give it depth and meaning!" Gee, isn't life so pretty?
Well, I don't know what to say,
do you think this is okay?
Take a look at your room,
do you like what you see?

So I stepped out
under the incandescent lighting of the street.
There were people walking alone
with eyes that wave more than meet.
Crossing, rolling around, but never strain
to relieve this social atrophy
from living all of our lives on a screen.
I don't know what to say,
but do you think this is okay?
Take a look at your room,
do you like what you see?

Cause I don't like what I see.

I just keep screaming at the ceilings,
"My god, what is this feeling
that keeps me jerked around in circles,
so paranoid & nervous.
Like I'm swerving in reverse
at a hearse, even worse,
can't tell if I feel hurt
or if it's just something
I think that I'm supposed to be."
So do you like what you see?
Track Name: Not Wake Up
Not wake up.
The birds of the morning will sing
but you will not wake up.
They're taking away all your things,
still you will not wake up.
Everything that falls asleep,
one day will not wake up,
to live in a beautiful dream.